The MCHC Board of Directors responsibilities include: 

  • Establishing goals and objectives for the health center: 
  • Establishing and monitoring policy, including criteria for partial payment of services, scope and availability of services, location, hours of operation, and quality of care audit procedures:
  • Selecting and evaluation health center performance, representing the health center in the community;
  • Monitoring and evaluating Board of Directors performance


Please download 'MCHC Board Application Packet', fill it out and send it back to us, Mahalo!


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Matt Yamashita - President

Four generations of my family have called Molokai “home.”  I grew up in the hills of Kauluwai and graduated from Molokai High School.  Today, with my degree and 10+ years of experience in Film/TV Production, I help tell the stories of Molokai to the outside world.  I am blessed with 3 beautiful children and a wonderful wife.  Family, community, and a balanced lifestyle are my priorities.  I believe that the health of an individual is achieved through the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.  There are many pathways to achieving wellness and for each individual it is a different journey.  I serve on the Molokai Community Health Center’s Board because I want to help insure that many diverse options for achieving wellness are available for our people.  I believe we can do things differently on Molokai and that we have the capacity to achieve success in unique ways.  

Brent Keliiokamalu Nakihei - Vice President

Aloha, my name is Brent Keliiokamalu Nakihei born and raised on Molokai in the first Hawaiian Homestead district (Kalanianole Colony) allotted to Natives in 1922.  I am a Hawaii state “Certified Substance Abuse Counselor” recognized by the Department of Health and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division.  I am also an “International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor” recognized by the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium.  My volunteer services for the Molokai Community Health Center’s Board of Director have given me the opportunity to contribute towards the health and wellness of Molokai.  I believe good health associated with affordability to be the first step of a holistic approach to families in need of medical services.   Giving back to society has been a passion of mine for innovation towards the “Vision” and “Mission” statement of the Molokai Community Health Center.  One life changed can make a big difference in the health and wellness of the world. 

Jim Schelenski - Member
Vicki Boswell - Member
Julia Hoe - Member
Malia Waits - Member